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Welcome, SLKPS Family of the United States and Canada!

Here are the goals of our samaj:

  • To unite all individual SLKPS family members into a single large community.
  • To know, love, and help each other.

Already hard at work for us, our board of members has spent much time taking us to the next level.  We have many goals for the future of our samaj to work on, so it is now up to us to make things happen.

So many people and families in our samaj have already dedicated much of time, money, and effort toward the samaj’s long-term goals.  We have already sown the seeds toward helping our samaj grow in right direction.  Now it is our responsibility to water and fertilize that seed to help it grow even stronger. Looking back on our history together so far, we have made some very good progress.  However, we still have much to do and a long way to go yet before we can claim that we have made significant progress toward our goals.  Toward this end, we need the help of each and every member, and everyone’s effort is of equal importance.  To help keep us moving forward, we must all work together more than ever before.

Unity brings success in all endeavors.  If we can all work together, we can reach our goal much faster.  Along the way, we will face many challenges.  But if we work in unison, we can focus all our strength toward our goals.  So together let’s pledge to spend a little more time, support, and love on behalf of our samaj.  I am sure we can achieve our goals very quickly that way!We appreciate your patience while we update our website, if you have any comments of suggestions, please email us at slkps@slkps.com

Best regards,
The SLKPS Board of Directors

2017 - 2020 SLKPS Board of Directors